Annamaria Cammilli

A creative young workshop that lets you amaze and contaminate the atmosphere of a unique city, Florence, where the beauty, celebrated by art and fashion, is the ideal habitat for those who create. Estro, technique, innovation of a design house that creates an unconventional alchemy for inimitable contemporary jewels.
The creations are characterized by a unique design in shapes and style, it is a contemporary design that exalt the sculptural volumes. Coherent motifs are expressed with movements that help to enhance the precious stones. Fluid and essential forms on which are alternated silky surfaces with unusual aesthetics.
Stylized perspectives and depths give jewels unparalleled forms that only wisdom and manual dexterity can create. Research, innovation and technique combined in a finish of excellence that has roots in tradition. The silky surface of the creations enhances the colour contrasts and emphasizes the refined shapes of a unique design.
As the painter uses tempera, Cammilli expresses himself with the colors of gold. Uncommon colors, sophisticated shades that are the result of experimentation.
The Maison proposes seven different shades of gold. Refined and always original nuances, are obtained with gold strictly 18 carat.
Combining tradition and innovation, Cammilli uses special techniques and very fine workmanship, signing an unequivocal multidimensional stylistic figure from the sculptural tract. Fluid volumetric overlays and striking exchanges between opacity and gloss, combine dexterity and wisdom in a unique, always recognizable way.