About us

Jade opens in via Nassa because this street is the heart of the city of Lugano, pearl of rare beauty.
The Nassa – historically the net of fishermen and the source of livelihood of the local inhabitants – is revived in our logo as a symbol of laboriousness and as a thanksgiving to the city that has become our home. The waters have always been a source of commerce.
There could be no better place to open a boutique of jewellery, art, design and experience.
Our name – in fact – translated into Italian means jade, but it is also an acronym for Jewellery, Art, Design, Experience. These are the pillars of our philosophy.
Jewel, because it makes the souls of anyone who has taste shine.
Art, because it is through your own culture and curiosity that you grow as people.
Design, as a source of continuous inspiration.
Experiences, which we would like to convey and share.
We feel the responsibility and the importance of building a relationship of full trust,
offering only the best products, certified and guaranteed.
Diamonds, rubies, emeralds, pearls of the South Seas
are mounted by artists in the industry who have founded
Brands able to excite the world’s clientele.
We will be happy to share the meanings of our precious stones.
Rare Aquamarine, topazes, heliodours, Chalcedones, etc.
Illustrate their uses in the history of jewellery
But also their importance in trade – Between West and east – Along the very ancient Silk Road.
Upstairs you can sit-as in the best lounges-
To make conversation, sip good wines, listen to Andrea at the piano,
Chatting with Tamara and Matteo.
Enjoy the passage of time surrounded by beautiful creations.