A pearl on the lake

Lugano is a Swiss city whose history begins from the ancient 724 A.D. on the origin of its name the historians debate. One theory would like it to derive from the Celtic god Lug, protector of water. For others it derives from the Latin “locus”, Bosco or Selva or from the medieval Latin “Lakvannus”, or inhabitants of the lake..
Refined and elegant, it is one of the most important Swiss and European financial centres. Ideal for the tranquility, the closeness to Milan and its centrality on Lake Lugano, also called Ceresio.
The Via Nassa is the hub of the Lugano trade. In the past the arcades of Via Nassa and via Canova sheltered the fishing and transport boats and served the fishermen to lay down nets and tramways and craftsmen to carry out and exhibit their work.
Each porch received its name from its owner or its intended use.