A refined ambassador of the Made in Italy style throughout the world, the Mattioli brand has built its own current successes on the foundations of a noble past, associated with the most famous and masterful goldsmithing tradition of Torino.
A unique experience that originated in 1860 with the Antica Ditta Marchisio, owner of the first trademark issued by the city of Torino: the historical “1 TO”(meaning the first and oldest in Torino).
Specialized in the creation and handcrafting of high-quality jewelry, since its beginnings this company has resorted to the precious contribution of a large staff of artisans who work the complete cycle of gold: from the melting of the ingot to the finished pieces.
An interpreter of contemporary luxury, Mattioli stands out for its original style, which is classic and at the same time modern: particularly soft and enveloping are the lines of its famous necklaces.
As the painter uses tempera, Cammilli expresses himself with the colors of gold. Uncommon colors, sophisticated shades that are the result of experimentation.
The Maison proposes seven different shades of gold. Refined and always original nuances, are obtained with gold strictly 18 carat.
Combining tradition and innovation, Cammilli uses special techniques and very fine workmanship, signing an unequivocal multidimensional stylistic figure from the sculptural tract. Fluid volumetric overlays and striking exchanges between opacity and gloss, combine dexterity and wisdom in a unique, always recognizable way.